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Fall 2023 EE Colloquia

For Enrolled StudentsThe colloquium will be held at 1:25 p.m. every Friday (except November 24) in Willard Building 062, beginning on September 1 and ending on December 1.   

Following each colloquium, you have to complete a questionnaire; you have one week after each seminar to complete and submit the questionnaire. A template for the questionnaire will be posted in Canvas for you to download and use.  In order to pass and receive credit for the course, you must attend all colloquia and submit at least 11 questionnaires.      

Please note: You MUST attend the SARI required colloquium [on10/13/2023] to fulfill the SARI requirement for the EE degree completion. Contact Lisa Timko at or 814-863-7294.

For all matters related to EE500 course, please contact Prof. I. C. Khoo at  

Colloquium Dates and Presentation Schedule 

Sept. 1

Speaker:  Victor Pasko [Electrical Engineering Department, Penn State]  

Title:  Lightning Related Transient Luminous Events in the Middle Atmosphere 

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Sept. 8

Speaker:  Rahul Panat [Carnegie Mellon University] 

Title:  From Next Generation Devices to Manufacturing Digital Twins  

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Sept. 15

Speaker:  Rômulo Meira-Goes [Electrical Engineering Department, Penn State]  

Title:  On securing the next generation of critical infrastructure systems 

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Sept. 22

Speaker: Dr. Abhronil Sengupta, Electrical Engineering Department, Penn State

Title: Neuromorphic Computing: Bridging the gap between Nanoelectronics, Neuroscience and Machine Learning

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Sept. 29

Speaker:  Nilanjan Ray Chaudhuri [Electrical Engineering, Penn State]

Title: Frequency support among asynchronous AC grids through multiterminal DC grid

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Oct. 6

Speaker:   William Correll [Maxar Company] 

Title:  SAR 101 – Intro to Synthetic Aperture Radar 

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Oct. 13
SARI Colloquium 

Speaker: Courtney Karmelita [Office for Research Protections, Penn State] 

Title: Research Integrity and Why It Matters

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Oct. 20
Raj and Jeannette Mittra Distinguished Lecture 

Speaker:   Prof. Juejun Hu [Massachusetts Institute of Technology]    

Title:  A wide-angle view on metasurface optics

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Oct. 27 

Speaker:  Yan Li [Electrical Engineering, Penn State] 

Title:  Enabling Resilient Cyber-Physical Microgrids

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Nov. 3

Speaker:  Dr. Hong Chen [Principal Engineer - PJM Interconnection]

Title:  Overview of Electricity Market Operation

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Nov. 10 Electrical Engineering Distinguished Colloquium

Speaker: Prof. Hui Cao [Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, Yale University]

Title: Propagation of light in complex media - for imaging, spectroscopy, neuromorphic computing and beyond

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Nov. 17

Speaker:  Mathews Jacob [Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Iowa]

Title:  Model based deep learning (MoDL) for MR image recovery: beyond algorithm unrolling

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Dec. 1

Speaker:  Galestan Mackertich-Sengerdy [Electrical Engineering, Penn State]

Title:  Compliant Mechanisms for the Next Generation of Ruggedized Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Devices

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