EE PhD Student Directory

Photo of Emmanuel Afolayan

Emmanuel Afolayan

Photo of Mahabubul Alam

Mahabubul Alam

Photo of Omar Alharbi

Omar Alharbi

Photo of Khaled Alhujaili

Khaled Alhujaili

Photo of Ramy Ali

Ramy Ali

Photo of Alireza Alian Porzani

Alireza Alian Porzani

Photo of Mohamed Alkhatib

Mohamed Alkhatib

Photo of Diego Aponte

Diego Aponte

Photo of Andrew Arnold

Andrew Arnold

Photo of Mahmoud Elsayed Ashour

Mahmoud Elsayed Ashour

Photo of Ali Ayub

Ali Ayub

Photo of Ibrahim Ekrem Bardakci

Ibrahim Ekrem Bardakci

Photo of Ryan Beneck

Ryan Beneck

Photo of Ece Bingol

Ece Bingol

Photo of John Daniel Binion

John Daniel Binion

Photo of Rory Bowell

Rory Bowell

Photo of Derrick Butler

Derrick Butler

Photo of Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbell

Photo of Ryan Chaky

Ryan Chaky

Photo of Qi Chang

Qi Chang

Photo of Shengyuan Chang

Shengyuan Chang

Photo of Kaustav Chatterjee

Kaustav Chatterjee

Photo of Chun-Wei Chen

Chun-Wei Chen

Photo of Chang-Jiang Chen

Chang-Jiang Chen

Photo of Xi Chen

Xi Chen

Photo of Zhuofa Chen

Zhuofa Chen

Photo of Chiao Yu Cheng

Chiao Yu Cheng

Photo of Venkateswarao Cherukuri

Venkateswarao Cherukuri

Photo of Karam Cho

Karam Cho

Photo of Gihoon Choi

Gihoon Choi

Photo of Michael Conway

Michael Conway

Photo of Hossein Daneshpajooh

Hossein Daneshpajooh

Photo of Vahid Daneshpajooh

Vahid Daneshpajooh

Photo of Yimin Ding

Yimin Ding

Photo of Ross Dinsmore

Ross Dinsmore

Photo of Yao Duan

Yao Duan

Photo of Christopher Fadden

Christopher Fadden

Photo of Mohammad Fahim

Mohammad Fahim

Photo of Saleh Farzamkia

Saleh Farzamkia

Photo of Songtao Feng

Songtao Feng

Photo of Chao Gan

Chao Gan

Photo of Sina Gharebaghi

Sina Gharebaghi

Photo of Atriya Ghosh

Atriya Ghosh

Photo of Philip Graybill

Philip Graybill

Photo of Alex Grede

Alex Grede

Photo of Tiantong Guo

Tiantong Guo

Photo of Xuexue Guo

Xuexue Guo

Photo of Farzin Haddadpour

Farzin Haddadpour

Photo of Nathaniel Henry

Nathaniel Henry

Photo of Landon Hernandez

Landon Hernandez

Photo of Sarah Hojjatinia

Sarah Hojjatinia

Photo of Sahar Hojjatinia

Sahar Hojjatinia

Photo of Xinyi Hu

Xinyi Hu

Photo of Zhisheng Hu

Zhisheng Hu

Photo of Hanxiong Hu

Hanxiong Hu

Photo of Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim

Photo of Zacharie Idriss

Zacharie Idriss

Photo of Sheikh Ilham

Sheikh Ilham

Photo of Mario Imperatore

Mario Imperatore

Photo of Reza Janalizadeh Choobbasti

Reza Janalizadeh Choobbasti

Photo of Nicholas Jao

Nicholas Jao

Photo of Ronald Jenkins

Ronald Jenkins

Photo of Lanxin Jia

Lanxin Jia

Photo of Zienabalsadat Kashaniravandi

Zienabalsadat Kashaniravandi

Photo of Md Fahim Faysal Khan

Md Fahim Faysal Khan

Photo of Tae Hwan Kim

Tae Hwan Kim

Photo of Benjamin Kirk

Benjamin Kirk

Photo of Nina Krainova

Nina Krainova

Photo of Yun Goo Lee

Yun Goo Lee

Photo of Shiyang Leng

Shiyang Leng

Photo of Yanlin Li

Yanlin Li

Photo of Xuelu Li

Xuelu Li

Photo of Jingkun Liang

Jingkun Liang

Photo of Michael Lipski

Michael Lipski

Photo of Andrew Liu

Andrew Liu

Photo of Tianning Liu

Tianning Liu

Photo of Wenbo Liu

Wenbo Liu

Photo of Ruijia Liu

Ruijia Liu

Photo of Peng Liu

Peng Liu

Photo of Stephen Lovas

Stephen Lovas

Photo of Yang Lu

Yang Lu

Photo of Meng-Chien Lu

Meng-Chien Lu

Photo of Xiaodan Lyu

Xiaodan Lyu

Photo of Kaveri Mahapatra

Kaveri Mahapatra

Photo of Nam Nicholas Mai

Nam Nicholas Mai

Photo of Jiayu Mao

Jiayu Mao

Photo of Miao Meng

Miao Meng

Photo of Xinxing Meng

Xinxing Meng

Photo of Kareem Metwaly

Kareem Metwaly

Photo of William Murray

William Murray

Photo of Colin Mussman

Colin Mussman

Photo of Marc Navagato

Marc Navagato

Photo of Joshua Noble

Joshua Noble

Photo of Asim Noor Elahi

Asim Noor Elahi

Photo of Reza Nouri

Reza Nouri

Photo of Andrew O'Neill

Andrew O'Neill

Photo of Jun Hyuk Park

Jun Hyuk Park

Photo of Yoonsang Park

Yoonsang Park

Photo of Tyler Ridder

Tyler Ridder

Photo of Kamyar Roshan

Kamyar Roshan

Photo of Samer Saab

Samer Saab

Photo of Hesam Sadeghi

Hesam Sadeghi

Photo of Mansura Sadek

Mansura Sadek

Photo of Atanu Saha

Atanu Saha

Photo of Abdullah Ash Saki

Abdullah Ash Saki

Photo of Sayan Samanta

Sayan Samanta

Photo of Sina Sayyah Ensan

Sina Sayyah Ensan

Photo of Dustin Seltzer

Dustin Seltzer

Photo of Deanna Sessions

Deanna Sessions

Photo of Annan Shang

Annan Shang

Photo of Paul Singerman

Paul Singerman

Photo of Omar Sleem

Omar Sleem

Photo of Sonny Smith

Sonny Smith

Photo of Srivatsa Srinivasa

Srivatsa Srinivasa

Photo of Abdullah Taher

Abdullah Taher

Photo of Zifan Tang

Zifan Tang

Photo of Waroch Tangbampensountorn

Waroch Tangbampensountorn

Photo of Mohit Tendulkar

Mohit Tendulkar

Photo of Mohammad Tofighi

Mohammad Tofighi

Photo of Sai Gopal Vennelaganti

Sai Gopal Vennelaganti

Photo of Akshay Wali

Akshay Wali

Photo of Boyu Wang

Boyu Wang

Photo of Cheng-Yu Wang

Cheng-Yu Wang

Photo of Yujia Wang

Yujia Wang

Photo of Kristina Wheatman

Kristina Wheatman

Photo of Eric Whiting

Eric Whiting

Photo of Yuhao Wu

Yuhao Wu

Photo of Hao Xi

Hao Xi

Photo of Tunan Xia

Tunan Xia

Photo of Zhen Xiang

Zhen Xiang

Photo of Jingwei Xu

Jingwei Xu

Photo of Amirsaeed Yazdani

Amirsaeed Yazdani

Photo of Mingzhao Yu

Mingzhao Yu

Photo of Wenjie Yu

Wenjie Yu

Photo of Xiaozhe Yu

Xiaozhe Yu

Photo of Zhenyuan Yuan

Zhenyuan Yuan

Photo of Xu Zhang

Xu Zhang

Photo of Xiaojie Zhang

Xiaojie Zhang

Photo of Tian Zhang

Tian Zhang

Photo of Lidan Zhang

Lidan Zhang

Photo of Kunyan Zhang

Kunyan Zhang

Photo of Jianan Zhang

Jianan Zhang

Photo of Huihui Zhang

Huihui Zhang

Photo of Guoxiang Zhao

Guoxiang Zhao

Photo of Wennan Zhao

Wennan Zhao

Photo of Chen Zhou

Chen Zhou

Photo of Keren Zhou

Keren Zhou



The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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