CSE Master's Student Directory

Photo of Samuel Abrams

Samuel Abrams

Photo of Sevinj Aghayeva

Sevinj Aghayeva

Photo of Ayushi Agrawal

Ayushi Agrawal

Photo of Sahil Ahmad

Sahil Ahmad

Photo of Mohammed Alshahrani

Mohammed Alshahrani

Photo of Manoj Kumar Angadi

Manoj Kumar Angadi

Photo of Ganeshan Goutham Anicode

Ganeshan Goutham Anicode

Photo of Laxmaan Balaji

Laxmaan Balaji

Photo of Leela Manas Bayireddy

Leela Manas Bayireddy

Photo of Sophia Beyda

Sophia Beyda

Photo of Rishabh Bhatt

Rishabh Bhatt

Photo of Rohit Bhattar

Rohit Bhattar

Photo of Peilin Chai

Peilin Chai

Photo of Jiaming Chai

Jiaming Chai

Photo of Yingtao Chen

Yingtao Chen

Photo of Harshita Coneri

Harshita Coneri

Photo of Ritik Dixit

Ritik Dixit

Photo of Yilu Dong

Yilu Dong

Photo of Qinhan Gao

Qinhan Gao

Photo of Connor Geer

Connor Geer

Photo of Chongqi Guan

Chongqi Guan

Photo of Ryan Guide

Ryan Guide

Photo of Rishab Gulati

Rishab Gulati

Photo of Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran

Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran

Photo of Karthik Gurunathan

Karthik Gurunathan

Photo of Jillian Haffner

Jillian Haffner

Photo of Derick Haigh

Derick Haigh

Photo of Agasthya Harekal

Agasthya Harekal

Photo of Alban Heon

Alban Heon

Photo of Shreyas Hervatte Santosh

Shreyas Hervatte Santosh

Photo of Blaine Hoak

Blaine Hoak

Photo of Vishnu Sharma Hunsur Manjunath

Vishnu Sharma Hunsur Manjunath

Photo of Vishwas Kalagi

Vishwas Kalagi

Photo of Adithya Krishnan Kannan

Adithya Krishnan Kannan

Photo of Saaman Khalilollahi

Saaman Khalilollahi

Photo of Rachel King

Rachel King

Photo of Abhijeet Kumar

Abhijeet Kumar

Photo of Abhishek Kumar

Abhishek Kumar

Photo of Sumit Kumar

Sumit Kumar

Photo of Rishika Kushwah

Rishika Kushwah

Photo of Harieasswar Lakshmidevi

Harieasswar Lakshmidevi

Photo of Cheng-Hsuan Lee

Cheng-Hsuan Lee

Photo of Zhengang Li

Zhengang Li

Photo of Ruiqi Liu

Ruiqi Liu

Photo of Zaiyue Lu

Zaiyue Lu

Photo of M.C. Ma

M.C. Ma

Photo of Aishwarya Mallampati

Aishwarya Mallampati

Photo of Harsh Maniar

Harsh Maniar

Photo of Subrahmanya Sai Srikanth Mantravadi Venkata

Subrahmanya Sai Srikanth Mantravadi Venkata

Photo of Soumitra Mehrotra

Soumitra Mehrotra

Photo of Douglas Mercer

Douglas Mercer

Photo of Andrew Millward

Andrew Millward

Photo of Ankush Mishra

Ankush Mishra

Photo of Kruthika Ramachandra Modepalli

Kruthika Ramachandra Modepalli

Photo of Umar Farooq Mohammad

Umar Farooq Mohammad

Photo of Sampad Mohapatra

Sampad Mohapatra

Photo of Mayank Murali

Mayank Murali

Photo of Mitchel Myers

Mitchel Myers

Photo of Tanuj Namdeo

Tanuj Namdeo

Photo of Saniya Naphade

Saniya Naphade

Photo of Parth Vidyadhar Natu

Parth Vidyadhar Natu

Photo of Sudarshan Nayak

Sudarshan Nayak

Photo of Shrey Nigam

Shrey Nigam

Photo of Raj Pandey

Raj Pandey

Photo of Aman Pandey

Aman Pandey

Photo of Adam Park

Adam Park

Photo of Aditya Patel

Aditya Patel

Photo of Deven Patel

Deven Patel

Photo of Lay Patel

Lay Patel

Photo of Adam Petro

Adam Petro

Photo of Viet Pham

Viet Pham

Photo of Ajay Rahul Pradeep

Ajay Rahul Pradeep

Photo of Keerthana Prakash

Keerthana Prakash

Photo of Raj Pranesh

Raj Pranesh

Photo of Megha Pujamath

Megha Pujamath

Photo of Kavya Shrinivas Puranik

Kavya Shrinivas Puranik

Photo of David Reinoso

David Reinoso

Photo of Scott Richards

Scott Richards

Photo of Rasesh Rout

Rasesh Rout

Photo of Chunrong Shan

Chunrong Shan

Photo of Aakash Sharma

Aakash Sharma

Photo of Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma

Photo of Kyu Doun Sim

Kyu Doun Sim

Photo of Purushartha Singh

Purushartha Singh

Photo of Vaibhav Singh

Vaibhav Singh

Photo of Mayur Dilip Sonwane

Mayur Dilip Sonwane

Photo of Jiajie Sun

Jiajie Sun

Photo of Shai Sundar

Shai Sundar

Photo of Ashwath Raghav Swaminathan

Ashwath Raghav Swaminathan

Photo of Sanchal Thakkar

Sanchal Thakkar

Photo of Joseph Tomasko

Joseph Tomasko

Photo of Niramay Vaidya

Niramay Vaidya

Photo of Seyed Armin Vakil Ghahani

Seyed Armin Vakil Ghahani

Photo of Thejasvi Velaga

Thejasvi Velaga

Photo of Vinay Vemuri

Vinay Vemuri

Photo of Wenhao Wang

Wenhao Wang

Photo of William Wang

William Wang

Photo of Shuai Wang

Shuai Wang

Photo of Mohammad Wasih

Mohammad Wasih

Photo of Qinrui Yu

Qinrui Yu

Photo of Tongguang Yu

Tongguang Yu

Photo of Tatheer Zahra

Tatheer Zahra

Photo of Hamidreza Zare

Hamidreza Zare

Photo of Tianyang Zhao

Tianyang Zhao



The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

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