CSE PhD Student Directory

Photo of Md Hasin Abrar

Md Hasin Abrar

Photo of Ahmed Masaaod Abdallah Al Qurri

Ahmed Masaaod Abdallah Al Qurri

Photo of Nader Naji A Alfares

Nader Naji A Alfares

Photo of Shaikhah Alkhadhr

Shaikhah Alkhadhr

Photo of Abdulrahman Ubaid M Alsaggaf

Abdulrahman Ubaid M Alsaggaf

Photo of Neil Ashtekar

Neil Ashtekar

Photo of Malyaban Bal

Malyaban Bal

Photo of Siddhartha Balakrishna

Siddhartha Balakrishna

Photo of Suryoday Basak

Suryoday Basak

Photo of Aditya Basu

Aditya Basu

Photo of Collin Beaudoin

Collin Beaudoin

Photo of Ishan Behoora

Ishan Behoora

Photo of Mahdi Belbasi

Mahdi Belbasi

Photo of Yohan Jean Christian Belette Beugin

Yohan Jean Christian Belette Beugin

Photo of Skanda Bharadwaj

Skanda Bharadwaj

Photo of Vivek Marath Bhasi

Vivek Marath Bhasi

Photo of Sandeepa Bhuyan

Sandeepa Bhuyan

Photo of Quinn K Burke

Quinn K Burke

Photo of Frank Nicholas Capobianco

Frank Nicholas Capobianco

Photo of Nagadastagiri Reddy Challapalle

Nagadastagiri Reddy Challapalle

Photo of Chia-Hao Chang

Chia-Hao Chang

Photo of Avimita Chatterjee

Avimita Chatterjee

Photo of Mingming Chen

Mingming Chen

Photo of Xianda Chen

Xianda Chen

Photo of Scott Cheng

Scott Cheng

Photo of Jeffrey (Chien-Che) Ching

Jeffrey (Chien-Che) Ching

Photo of Cho-Chun Chiu

Cho-Chun Chiu

Photo of Weilin Cong

Weilin Cong

Photo of Abhishek Sanjay Dalvi

Abhishek Sanjay Dalvi

Photo of Sarkar Snigdha Sarathi Das

Sarkar Snigdha Sarathi Das

Photo of Yuyang Deng

Yuyang Deng

Photo of Alexandar M Devic

Alexandar M Devic

Photo of Anusha Devulapally

Anusha Devulapally

Photo of Ding (Zeyu) Ding

Ding (Zeyu) Ding

Photo of Md Salman Estyak

Md Salman Estyak

Photo of Vajiheh Farhadi

Vajiheh Farhadi

Photo of Ataollah Fatahi Baarzi

Ataollah Fatahi Baarzi

Photo of Noor Maher Felemban

Noor Maher Felemban

Photo of Yilin Feng

Yilin Feng

Photo of Rahul Titus George

Rahul Titus George

Photo of Michael S Gilbert

Michael S Gilbert

Photo of Gulsum Gudukbay

Gulsum Gudukbay

Photo of A. Burak Gulhan

A. Burak Gulhan

Photo of Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran

Jashwant Raj Gunasekaran

Photo of Vipul Gupta

Vipul Gupta

Photo of Zeinab Hakimi

Zeinab Hakimi

Photo of Jihoon Han

Jihoon Han

Photo of Rubaba Hasan

Rubaba Hasan

Photo of Fang He

Fang He

Photo of Guanlin He

Guanlin He

Photo of Eric E Homan

Eric E Homan

Photo of Tsung Yu Hsieh

Tsung Yu Hsieh

Photo of Ting-Yao Hsu

Ting-Yao Hsu

Photo of Zhixuan Huan

Zhixuan Huan

Photo of Yongzhe Huang

Yongzhe Huang

Photo of Yudi Huang

Yudi Huang

Photo of Yihe Huang

Yihe Huang

Photo of Jeremy Ahrens Huang

Jeremy Ahrens Huang

Photo of Lexiang Huang

Lexiang Huang

Photo of Kaiming Huang

Kaiming Huang

Photo of Hui-Ju Hung

Hui-Ju Hung

Photo of Pingyi Huo

Pingyi Huo

Photo of M. Talha Imran

M. Talha Imran

Photo of Abdullah Al Ishtiaq

Abdullah Al Ishtiaq

Photo of Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain

Photo of Dhawal Jethwani

Dhawal Jethwani

Photo of Xiaodong Jia

Xiaodong Jia

Photo of Huaipan Jiang

Huaipan Jiang

Photo of Fengyang Jiang

Fengyang Jiang

Photo of Sethu Jose

Sethu Jose

Photo of Yan Kang

Yan Kang

Photo of Neeraj Karamchandani

Neeraj Karamchandani

Photo of Soheil Khadirsharbiyani

Soheil Khadirsharbiyani

Photo of Sun Hyoung Kim

Sun Hyoung Kim

Photo of Junsu Kim

Junsu Kim

Photo of Keaton Yukio Kraiger

Keaton Yukio Kraiger

Photo of Trevor Keith Kuhlengel

Trevor Keith Kuhlengel

Photo of Medha Kumar

Medha Kumar

Photo of Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar

Photo of Adithya Kumar

Adithya Kumar

Photo of Satwik Kundu

Satwik Kundu

Photo of Sijie Lan

Sijie Lan

Photo of Chonghan Lee

Chonghan Lee

Photo of Yu Tsung Lee

Yu Tsung Lee

Photo of Zecheng Li

Zecheng Li

Photo of Zheyu Li

Zheyu Li

Photo of Zhaohui Li

Zhaohui Li

Photo of Xi Li

Xi Li

Photo of Xiang Li

Xiang Li

Photo of Junde Li

Junde Li

Photo of Jianqiang Li

Jianqiang Li

Photo of Peixuan Li

Peixuan Li

Photo of Zhiying Liang

Zhiying Liang

Photo of Minli Liao

Minli Liao

Photo of Jun-Liang Lin

Jun-Liang Lin

Photo of Yilei Lin

Yilei Lin

Photo of Xilun Liu

Xilun Liu

Photo of Zida Liu

Zida Liu

Photo of Yilin Liu

Yilin Liu

Photo of Heting Liu

Heting Liu

Photo of Sen Lu

Sen Lu

Photo of Taiting Lu

Taiting Lu

Photo of Wanhang Lu

Wanhang Lu

Photo of Hamed Mahdavi

Hamed Mahdavi

Photo of Pouria Mahdavinia

Pouria Mahdavinia

Photo of Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj

Sanaz Mahmoodi Takaghaj

Photo of Danial Malak Mohammad

Danial Malak Mohammad

Photo of Wenjian Miao

Wenjian Miao

Photo of Yuanqing Miao

Yuanqing Miao

Photo of Cyan Mishra

Cyan Mishra

Photo of Ashirbad Mishra

Ashirbad Mishra

Photo of Shruti Mohanty

Shruti Mohanty

Photo of Avik Mukherjee

Avik Mukherjee

Photo of Karthikeyan Nagarajan

Karthikeyan Nagarajan

Photo of Savinay Nagendra

Savinay Nagendra

Photo of Michael Alexander Norris

Michael Alexander Norris

Photo of Ali Noureldeen

Ali Noureldeen

Photo of Ikenna J Okafor

Ikenna J Okafor

Photo of Guneykan Ozgul

Guneykan Ozgul

Photo of Ruihao Pan

Ruihao Pan

Photo of Raj Pandey

Raj Pandey

Photo of Prapti Panigrahi

Prapti Panigrahi

Photo of Bucky (Heehyun) Park

Bucky (Heehyun) Park

Photo of Eric Arthur Pauley

Eric Arthur Pauley

Photo of Koustubh Ramakant Phalak

Koustubh Ramakant Phalak

Photo of Jeremie Del Pope

Jeremie Del Pope

Photo of Prottay Protivash

Prottay Protivash

Photo of Fuli Qiao

Fuli Qiao

Photo of Amatur Rahman

Amatur Rahman

Photo of Mahmudur Rahman Hera

Mahmudur Rahman Hera

Photo of Morteza Ramezani

Morteza Ramezani

Photo of Ali Ranjbar

Ali Ranjbar

Photo of Caroline L Rublein

Caroline L Rublein

Photo of Douglas Bahr Rumbaugh

Douglas Bahr Rumbaugh

Photo of Jihyun Ryoo

Jihyun Ryoo

Photo of Movahhed Sadeghi

Movahhed Sadeghi

Photo of Sayed M Saghaian Nejad Esfahani

Sayed M Saghaian Nejad Esfahani

Photo of Sultan Mahmud Sajal

Sultan Mahmud Sajal

Photo of Anup Sarma

Anup Sarma

Photo of Jesse Scott

Jesse Scott

Photo of Athar Sefid

Athar Sefid

Photo of Narges Shahidi

Narges Shahidi

Photo of Aakash Sharma

Aakash Sharma

Photo of Ryan Matthew Sheatsley

Ryan Matthew Sheatsley

Photo of Tianyi Shen

Tianyi Shen

Photo of Qian Shi

Qian Shi

Photo of Sonali Singh

Sonali Singh

Photo of Myungjun Son

Myungjun Son

Photo of Balachandran Swaminathan

Balachandran Swaminathan

Photo of Tianxiang Tan

Tianxiang Tan

Photo of Yeming Tang

Yeming Tang

Photo of Hariram Thirucherai Govindarajan

Hariram Thirucherai Govindarajan

Photo of Levent Toksoz

Levent Toksoz

Photo of Nelson Daniel Troncoso Aldas

Nelson Daniel Troncoso Aldas

Photo of Sadia Anjum Tumpa

Sadia Anjum Tumpa

Photo of Saambhavi Vajjiravelu Baskaran

Saambhavi Vajjiravelu Baskaran

Photo of Vishwas Vasudeva Kakrannaya

Vishwas Vasudeva Kakrannaya

Photo of Songhe Wang

Songhe Wang

Photo of Ruiqi Wang

Ruiqi Wang

Photo of Yunjin Wang

Yunjin Wang

Photo of Yuxin Wang

Yuxin Wang

Photo of Yuzhang Wang

Yuzhang Wang

Photo of Chen Wu

Chen Wu

Photo of Yingtai Xiao

Yingtai Xiao

Photo of Yi Xiao

Yi Xiao

Photo of Tian Xie

Tian Xie

Photo of Yixin Xu

Yixin Xu

Photo of Ziyu Ying

Ziyu Ying

Photo of Mingli Yu

Mingli Yu

Photo of Feiyang Yu

Feiyang Yu

Photo of Tasfia Zahin

Tasfia Zahin

Photo of Dongrui Zeng

Dongrui Zeng

Photo of Jialun Zhang

Jialun Zhang

Photo of Shimian Zhang

Shimian Zhang

Photo of Shijia Zhang

Shijia Zhang

Photo of Qimin Zhang

Qimin Zhang

Photo of Xusheng Zhang

Xusheng Zhang

Photo of Yingtian Zhang

Yingtian Zhang

Photo of Yusen Zhang

Yusen Zhang

Photo of Shulin Zhao

Shulin Zhao

Photo of Yi Zheng

Yi Zheng

Photo of Quan Zhou

Quan Zhou

Photo of Hao Zhou

Hao Zhou



The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Pennsylvania State University

207 Electrical Engineering West

University Park, PA 16802


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering