EE Master's Student Directory

Photo of Bilal M Ahmed

Bilal M Ahmed

Photo of Hassan Alqahtani

Hassan Alqahtani

Photo of Maysoor H Amin

Maysoor H Amin

Photo of Juanhua An

Juanhua An

Photo of Srikanth Banagere Manjunatha

Srikanth Banagere Manjunatha

Photo of Suhas Bettapalli Nagaraj

Suhas Bettapalli Nagaraj

Photo of Michael Betts

Michael Betts

Photo of Chandrachur Bhattacharya

Chandrachur Bhattacharya

Photo of Bianca Borda

Bianca Borda

Photo of Mark Bright

Mark Bright

Photo of Bhanu Prakash Reddy Bujala

Bhanu Prakash Reddy Bujala

Photo of Wenxing Cao

Wenxing Cao

Photo of Xiangyi Chen

Xiangyi Chen

Photo of Yangyi Chen

Yangyi Chen

Photo of Yantao Chen,

Yantao Chen,

Photo of Zhicheng Chen,

Zhicheng Chen,

Photo of Duo Cheng,

Duo Cheng,

Photo of Pratik Jivan Dahibhate,

Pratik Jivan Dahibhate,

Photo of Sarbashis Das,

Sarbashis Das,

Photo of Dean DeBastiani,

Dean DeBastiani,

Photo of Michael Dempsey

Michael Dempsey

Photo of Jordan DeVault

Jordan DeVault

Photo of Cody Dillinger

Cody Dillinger

Photo of Zhanchen Dong

Zhanchen Dong

Photo of Mrunmayi Ekbote

Mrunmayi Ekbote

Photo of Berkay Ekinci

Berkay Ekinci

Photo of Junda Feng

Junda Feng

Photo of Ziheng Fu

Ziheng Fu

Photo of Pingzhi Gong

Pingzhi Gong

Photo of Lindsey Goodnight

Lindsey Goodnight

Photo of Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Photo of Aohan Gu

Aohan Gu

Photo of Cheng Han

Cheng Han

Photo of Clark Handel

Clark Handel

Photo of Vishaka Datta  Jambae Hebbar

Vishaka Datta Jambae Hebbar

Photo of Scott G Hodes

Scott G Hodes

Photo of Yiyang Hu

Yiyang Hu

Photo of Yuanzheng Huang

Yuanzheng Huang

Photo of Himanshu Jahagirdar

Himanshu Jahagirdar

Photo of Xinyuan Jiang

Xinyuan Jiang

Photo of Ranjan Kandasamy

Ranjan Kandasamy

Photo of Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly

Photo of Jesse Kemmerling

Jesse Kemmerling

Photo of Aneesh Kshirsagar

Aneesh Kshirsagar

Photo of Ketan Lakhera

Ketan Lakhera

Photo of Lin Li

Lin Li

Photo of Zhiran Li

Zhiran Li

Photo of Jia-Ling Lin

Jia-Ling Lin

Photo of ,Hung-Yu Lin

,Hung-Yu Lin

Photo of Zongguang Liu

Zongguang Liu

Photo of Zekai Liu

Zekai Liu

Photo of Yizhi Liu

Yizhi Liu

Photo of Tianyi Liu

Tianyi Liu

Photo of Shuyang Ma

Shuyang Ma

Photo of Anupama Jayashanker Nair

Anupama Jayashanker Nair

Photo of Apoorva Nandakumar

Apoorva Nandakumar

Photo of Divyasree Pai

Divyasree Pai

Photo of Ankush R Palasamudrum

Ankush R Palasamudrum

Photo of Christopher Palmieri

Christopher Palmieri

Photo of Nagarjuna Pampana

Nagarjuna Pampana

Photo of Shefali Pandey

Shefali Pandey

Photo of Terele Parker

Terele Parker

Photo of Mark Pawelski

Mark Pawelski

Photo of Vikramaditya Poddar

Vikramaditya Poddar

Photo of Hitarth Purohit

Hitarth Purohit

Photo of Rahul Raman

Rahul Raman

Photo of Akshay Krishna Ramanathan

Akshay Krishna Ramanathan

Photo of Prasanna Rangarajan

Prasanna Rangarajan

Photo of Alexia Reyes

Alexia Reyes

Photo of Kyunghwa Ryoo

Kyunghwa Ryoo

Photo of Joseph Schuessler

Joseph Schuessler

Photo of Lindsey Schwartz

Lindsey Schwartz

Photo of Amritash Shekhar

Amritash Shekhar

Photo of Piyush Singh

Piyush Singh

Photo of Lynne Renee Stewart

Lynne Renee Stewart

Photo of Sweekar Sudhakara

Sweekar Sudhakara

Photo of Chih-Hsuan Sun

Chih-Hsuan Sun

Photo of Yung-Chen Sun

Yung-Chen Sun

Photo of Aakarshitha Suresh

Aakarshitha Suresh

Photo of Michael Tholl

Michael Tholl

Photo of Simran Tiwari

Simran Tiwari

Photo of Quyen Tran

Quyen Tran

Photo of Bryan Tsang

Bryan Tsang

Photo of Anze Andrew Ursic

Anze Andrew Ursic

Photo of Simos Mariou Vassiliou

Simos Mariou Vassiliou

Photo of Andrew Walters

Andrew Walters

Photo of Chuan Wang

Chuan Wang

Photo of Jiamu Wang

Jiamu Wang

Photo of Zhongyi Wang

Zhongyi Wang

Photo of Wenrui Wang

Wenrui Wang

Photo of Xinyu Wang

Xinyu Wang

Photo of Xiaonan Wang

Xiaonan Wang

Photo of Richard Washington

Richard Washington

Photo of Christopher Wible

Christopher Wible

Photo of Isaac Witlin

Isaac Witlin

Photo of Yifei Xiang

Yifei Xiang

Photo of Zihao Xu

Zihao Xu

Photo of Yaqi Xu

Yaqi Xu

Photo of Di Xu

Di Xu

Photo of Chenyang Xu

Chenyang Xu

Photo of Jiatao Xu

Jiatao Xu

Photo of Yijun Xue

Yijun Xue

Photo of Yuhan Yang

Yuhan Yang

Photo of Tete Yin

Tete Yin

Photo of Naichao Yin

Naichao Yin

Photo of Baohong Yin

Baohong Yin

Photo of Cunhao Zeng

Cunhao Zeng

Photo of Han Zhang

Han Zhang

Photo of Yuchen Zhang

Yuchen Zhang

Photo of Jingqian Zhao

Jingqian Zhao



The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

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