EE Master's Student Directory

Photo of Yash Agarwal

Yash Agarwal

Photo of Bilal Ahmed

Bilal Ahmed

Photo of David Alexander

David Alexander

Photo of Mohammed Alrajhi

Mohammed Alrajhi

Photo of Akilesh Ananth

Akilesh Ananth

Photo of Hemasagar Babu Reddy

Hemasagar Babu Reddy

Photo of Mark Baron

Mark Baron

Photo of Suhas Bettapalli Nagaraj

Suhas Bettapalli Nagaraj

Photo of Michael Betts

Michael Betts

Photo of Dharinee Bhandari

Dharinee Bhandari

Photo of Chandrachur Bhattacharya

Chandrachur Bhattacharya

Photo of Sandeepa Bhuyan

Sandeepa Bhuyan

Photo of Chad Brode

Chad Brode

Photo of Bhanu Prakash Bujala

Bhanu Prakash Bujala

Photo of Minglei Cai

Minglei Cai

Photo of Shihao Cao

Shihao Cao

Photo of Wenxing Cao

Wenxing Cao

Photo of Linlu Cao

Linlu Cao

Photo of Yuan Cao

Yuan Cao

Photo of Xiangyi Chen

Xiangyi Chen

Photo of Yantao Chen

Yantao Chen

Photo of Sri Harsha Cirandur

Sri Harsha Cirandur

Photo of Kenrick Dacumos

Kenrick Dacumos

Photo of Sarbashis Das

Sarbashis Das

Photo of Mohit Rajiv Dave

Mohit Rajiv Dave

Photo of Joshua Davidson

Joshua Davidson

Photo of Michael Dempsey

Michael Dempsey

Photo of Yingpeng Deng

Yingpeng Deng

Photo of Jordan DeVault

Jordan DeVault

Photo of Ateet Devulapalli

Ateet Devulapalli

Photo of Tanya Dhaka

Tanya Dhaka

Photo of Divyasree Divakara Pai Thycoottathil

Divyasree Divakara Pai Thycoottathil

Photo of Deepit Abhishek Durairaj

Deepit Abhishek Durairaj

Photo of Mrunmayi Ekbote

Mrunmayi Ekbote

Photo of Berkay Ekinci

Berkay Ekinci

Photo of Yi Fang

Yi Fang

Photo of Junda Feng

Junda Feng

Photo of Maxine Fox

Maxine Fox

Photo of Ziheng Fu

Ziheng Fu

Photo of Sourish Ganguly

Sourish Ganguly

Photo of Yash Gangwar

Yash Gangwar

Photo of Navyata Gattu

Navyata Gattu

Photo of Lindsey Goodnight

Lindsey Goodnight

Photo of Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon

Photo of Kaiyue Guan

Kaiyue Guan

Photo of Linrun Guo

Linrun Guo

Photo of Yifan Guo

Yifan Guo

Photo of Uddeshay Gupta

Uddeshay Gupta

Photo of Sushmita Haldar

Sushmita Haldar

Photo of Cheng Han

Cheng Han

Photo of Clark Handel

Clark Handel

Photo of Vishaka Datta Jambae Hebbar

Vishaka Datta Jambae Hebbar

Photo of Chaitra Hegde

Chaitra Hegde

Photo of Shivesh Hiranandani

Shivesh Hiranandani

Photo of Zhipeng Hong

Zhipeng Hong

Photo of Chenxi Hou

Chenxi Hou

Photo of Chen Huang

Chen Huang

Photo of Yuanzheng Huang

Yuanzheng Huang

Photo of Magni Hussain

Magni Hussain

Photo of Venkatakrishnan Iyer

Venkatakrishnan Iyer

Photo of Aditya Jain

Aditya Jain

Photo of Madhulika Jaladi

Madhulika Jaladi

Photo of Wenqi Jiang

Wenqi Jiang

Photo of Xinyuan Jiang

Xinyuan Jiang

Photo of Pan Jingyi

Pan Jingyi

Photo of Shashank Bharadwaj Kalasabail

Shashank Bharadwaj Kalasabail

Photo of Ranjan Kandasamy

Ranjan Kandasamy

Photo of Pratik Karkhanis

Pratik Karkhanis

Photo of Pratheebha Karuppusamy

Pratheebha Karuppusamy

Photo of Colin Kelly

Colin Kelly

Photo of Tae Young Kim

Tae Young Kim

Photo of Jacob Kovarskiy

Jacob Kovarskiy

Photo of Aditya Kumaran Krishnaprakash

Aditya Kumaran Krishnaprakash

Photo of Aneesh Kshirsagar

Aneesh Kshirsagar

Photo of Ketan Lakhera

Ketan Lakhera

Photo of Sagar Lakhmani

Sagar Lakhmani

Photo of Adrian John Lasrado

Adrian John Lasrado

Photo of Adam Leung

Adam Leung

Photo of Lin Li

Lin Li

Photo of Fan Li

Fan Li

Photo of Shu Li

Shu Li

Photo of Zhige Li

Zhige Li

Photo of Zongguang Liu

Zongguang Liu

Photo of Zhiying Liu

Zhiying Liu

Photo of Zekai Liu

Zekai Liu

Photo of Tianyi Liu

Tianyi Liu

Photo of Hanyin Liu

Hanyin Liu

Photo of Yifeng Min

Yifeng Min

Photo of Suraj Kiran Reddy Mothe

Suraj Kiran Reddy Mothe

Photo of Xinyang Mu

Xinyang Mu

Photo of Ritvik Muralidharan

Ritvik Muralidharan

Photo of Vinay Murthy

Vinay Murthy

Photo of Mahesh Naidu

Mahesh Naidu

Photo of Apoorva Nandakumar

Apoorva Nandakumar

Photo of Adriyel Nieves

Adriyel Nieves

Photo of Philip O'Connor

Philip O'Connor

Photo of Joseph O'Donnell

Joseph O'Donnell

Photo of Ankush Palasamudram

Ankush Palasamudram

Photo of Christopher Palmieri

Christopher Palmieri

Photo of Nagarjuna Pampana

Nagarjuna Pampana

Photo of Shefali Pandey

Shefali Pandey

Photo of Kushal Girishkumar Patel

Kushal Girishkumar Patel

Photo of Yuanfeng Peng

Yuanfeng Peng

Photo of Caden Pici

Caden Pici

Photo of Vikramaditya Poddar

Vikramaditya Poddar

Photo of Hitarth Purohit

Hitarth Purohit

Photo of Jinpeng Qi

Jinpeng Qi

Photo of Wenting Qi

Wenting Qi

Photo of Rahul Raman

Rahul Raman

Photo of Akshay Krishna Ramanathan

Akshay Krishna Ramanathan

Photo of Prasanna Venkatesan Rangarajan

Prasanna Venkatesan Rangarajan

Photo of Moniara Romero

Moniara Romero

Photo of Lindsey Schwartz

Lindsey Schwartz

Photo of Apurba Sengupta

Apurba Sengupta

Photo of Malak Shah

Malak Shah

Photo of Rajvi Shah

Rajvi Shah

Photo of Rohan Shah

Rohan Shah

Photo of Dhruv Sharma

Dhruv Sharma

Photo of Raksha Shastry

Raksha Shastry

Photo of Yiming Shi

Yiming Shi

Photo of Parth Siddharth Shroff

Parth Siddharth Shroff

Photo of Alexander Silver

Alexander Silver

Photo of Venkat Ashish Kumar Simhachalam

Venkat Ashish Kumar Simhachalam

Photo of Sindhoori Sindhoori

Sindhoori Sindhoori

Photo of Adithya Srinivas

Adithya Srinivas

Photo of Visweshwar Srinivasan

Visweshwar Srinivasan

Photo of Shreyas Srivatchan

Shreyas Srivatchan

Photo of Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart

Photo of Sweekar Sudhakara

Sweekar Sudhakara

Photo of Chih-Hsuan Sun

Chih-Hsuan Sun

Photo of Yung-Chen Sun

Yung-Chen Sun

Photo of Swapnil Surdi

Swapnil Surdi

Photo of Aakarshitha Suresh

Aakarshitha Suresh

Photo of Priyadharshini Tamizharasi Suresh

Priyadharshini Tamizharasi Suresh

Photo of Michael Tholl

Michael Tholl

Photo of Quyen Tran

Quyen Tran

Photo of Ananya Trivedi

Ananya Trivedi

Photo of Dhaval Vilas Waghulde

Dhaval Vilas Waghulde

Photo of Chuan Wang

Chuan Wang

Photo of Ke Wang

Ke Wang

Photo of Wenrui Wang

Wenrui Wang

Photo of Xiaonan Wang

Xiaonan Wang

Photo of Xinyu Wang

Xinyu Wang

Photo of Tianhe Wang

Tianhe Wang

Photo of Zhongyi Wang

Zhongyi Wang

Photo of Yifei Xiang

Yifei Xiang

Photo of Yaqi Xu

Yaqi Xu

Photo of Di Xu

Di Xu

Photo of Zihao Xu

Zihao Xu

Photo of Yijun Xue

Yijun Xue

Photo of Yifan Yang

Yifan Yang

Photo of Yuhan Yang

Yuhan Yang

Photo of Bohan Yao

Bohan Yao

Photo of Naichao Yin

Naichao Yin

Photo of Mingyan Zhang

Mingyan Zhang

Photo of Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang

Photo of Han Zhang

Han Zhang



Photo of Jingqian Zhao

Jingqian Zhao

Photo of Yukai Zheng

Yukai Zheng

Photo of Qi Zhou

Qi Zhou



The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

The Pennsylvania State University

207 Electrical Engineering West

University Park, PA 16802


Department of Computer Science and Engineering


Department of Electrical Engineering