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The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) offers a broad range of fundamental research areas in electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science. From designing and integrating electronic and electrical systems in diverse industries such as defense, communications, transportation, manufacturing, health care, construction, power/energy, and entertainment to testing and analyzing circuit, devices, and systems to studying data structures, programming languages, and computer systems in detail, EECS offers its students real-world focused research. Progress in electrical engineering and computer science continues to be one of the critical factors driving our well being in the 21st century. It will pervade all aspects of our life including the way we live, work, learn and are entertained.

The School houses the departments of electrical engineering and computer science engineering and provides an integrated curriculum for its students who will have greater access to classes across the EECS spectrum. It also offers an improved collaboration in interdisciplinary research for undergraduates, graduates and our faculty in exciting collaborative research fields such as robotics, computer vision, cyber physical systems, machine learning and embedded systems.

Being a Penn State Engineering student takes being the best to the next level. Our programs are consistently ranked among the best in the country.

Our Majors

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering at Penn State includes coverage in breadth and depth of basic science, engineering, and abstract concepts of information handling. The program is structured to ensure that graduates have a clear understanding of the design and the applications of computers, as well as the ability to apply this knowledge throughout their professional careers. 

Computer Science

The computer science curriculum is organized with two goals in mind. First, upon graduation, a student must be prepared to meet immediate demands in solving computational problems. Second, a student must have sufficient understanding of basic principles and concepts in computer science to avoid technological obsolescence in the rapidly changing information technology environment. This program is intended to produce computer science professionals and not merely technicians with some training in computer programming. 

Data Science

The data sciences degree is part of an intercollege initiative among the College of Engineering, College of Information Sciences and Technology, and Eberly College of Science to meet the need of professionals who can make sense of big data. 

The program provides students with the technical fundamentals of data sciences and helps them develop the knowledge and skills needed to manage and analyze large-scale, unstructured data. 

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineering curriculum provides broad-based knowledge in electrical circuits, digital systems, electronic devices, electromagnetics, signal processing, communications, and control, as well as expertise in one or more areas of specialization. 

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The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

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