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Spring 2020 Electrical Engineering Colloquia

Students: As a requirement for the EE 500 course, you are asked to complete a questionnaire after each presentation. You have one week after each seminar to complete and submit the questionaire, which can be filled out here.

Colloquia will be at 4:35 p.m. in 220 Hammond Building unless otherwise indicated. Note: All colloquia from the end of spring break through the end of the spring 2020 semester will be held via Zoom. The Zoom links can be found under more information.

Please contact Dr. Minghui Zhu at with any questions.

Jan. 23

Speaker: SherryDawn Jackson (graduate program staff coordinator and academic affairs office manager) and JR Watson (facilities representative and safety officer), Penn State
Title: Program-specific seminar: "Rules and Milestones for EE Graduate Degrees" and "General Safety and Job Hazard Analysis in the Laboratory"
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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Jan. 30

Speaker: Amulya Yadav, Penn State College of IST
Title: AI for Societally Relevant Problems: Influence Maximization in an Uncertain World
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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Feb. 6

Speaker: Herschel Pangborn, Penn State Mechanical Engineering 
Title: Hierarchical Model Predictive Control for Electro-Thermal Coordination of Vehicle Energy Systems
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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Feb. 13

Speaker: Kimberly Fox, Penn State Engineering Career Resources and Employer Relations
Title: Career Planning
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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Feb. 20

Speaker: Alexandra Marquis, Penn State Office for Research Protections 
Title: Conflicts of Interest in Research: Managing Competing Commitments and Perceptions of Bias (qualifies for SARI requirement) 
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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Feb. 27

Speaker: Daeun Dana Choi, Penn State Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Title: Precision Farming: How Intelligent Systems are Shaping Future Agriculture
EE Faculty Host: Minghui Zhu
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March 5

Speaker: Andrew Musser, Cornell University
Title: Manipulating Molecules with Strong Light-Matter Coupling
EE Faculty Host: Chris Giebink 
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March 5

Speaker: Nicola Fox, NASA's Heliophysics Division
Title: Waynick Distinguished Lecture: Journey to the Sun
Location: Boardroom, Nittany Lion Inn
Time: 7:00 p.m.
EE Faculty Host: Tim Kane 
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April 16

Speaker: Nathaniel Frissell, University of Scranton 
Title: HamSCI - The Ionosphere from Your Backyard 
EE Faculty Host: Tim Kane 
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