EE Colloquium: Resilient Energy and Transportation Infrastructure in Smart Cities

Abstract: The vision of smart cities has been gaining increasing attention worldwide as the human civilization becomes more and more urban-centric. The high-level goal of such smart cities is to provide better quality of services by optimally using the available resources, minimizing the operational cost, and maximizing the safety and security. Energy and transportation systems will be an integral part of such smart cities. This talk will be focused on the resilience of some major elements of these energy and transportation systems – batteries, electric vehicles, and connected and autonomous vehicles. We will discuss design of safety and security algorithms for these systems by combining control theoretic tools, data-driven techniques and physics-based models. Specifically, we will cover battery safety algorithms against thermal failures, and cyber-attack detection algorithms for electric vehicles, and connected and autonomous vehicles.

Bio: Satadru Dey is an assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering at The Pennsylvania State University. Prior to that, he was an assistant professor of Electrical Engineering at University of Colorado Denver from 2017 to August 2020. He received his Ph.D. in Automotive Engineering from Clemson University in 2015. He was a postdoctoral researcher at University of California, Berkeley from 2015 through 2017. During the period of 2010-’12, he worked for General Electric Company as a control engineer. His research interest lies in control of energy and transportation systems in smart cities.


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Media Contact: Minghui Zhu



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