EE Colloquium: SARI Workshop on Engineering Ethics


The talk will initiate and motivate a group discussion on engineering ethics as part of professionalism in the workplace. The IEEE Code of Ethics will be enumerated and discussed one by one to set the stage for the expectations for engineers in the workforce. Next, several case studies will be presented, and students will be encouraged to actively participate, offer competing viewpoints, and engage in mutual discussions. Towards the end, students will be encouraged to discuss their personal experiences with ethics-related scenarios and discuss how they addressed these problems. Other students will get the opportunity to weigh in.


Ram Narayanan received his B.Tech. from IIT Madras in 1976 and his Ph.D. from UMass Amherst in 1988. He served as R&D Engineer at Bharat Electronics Limited, India (1976–1983), as Graduate Research Assistant at UMass (1983–1988), and as a faculty member at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1988–2003). He is currently a professor of electrical engineering at Penn State. His current research interests include image analysis, radar detection of mines and IEDs, nonlinear radar, noise radar, cognitive radar, medical radar, quantum radar, radar networks, compressive sensing, and machine learning. He is a Fellow of IEEE, SPIE, and IETE. He is always looking for any grad students: good, bad, or ugly.


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