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Young Kun Ko

Assistant Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering

W306 Westgate


Research Areas:

Theoretical Computer Science

Interest Areas:

Applications of information theoretic techniques in complexity theory and data structure lower bounds using techniques from communication complexity.




  • B.S., Mathematics, University of Chicago, 2013
  • PhD, Computer Science, Princeton University, 2018


Journal Articles

  • Mark Braverman, Ankit Garg, Young Kun Ko, Jieming Mao and Dave Touchette, 2018, "Near-optimal bounds on bounded-round quantum communication complexity of disjointness", SIAM Journal of Computing special issue on FOCS 2015

Conference Proceedings

  • Mark Braverman, Young Kun Ko, Aviad Rubinstein and Omri Weinstein, 2017, "ETH Hardness for Densest-k-subgraph with Perfect Completeness", SODA 2017
  • Mark Braverman, Young Kun Ko and Omri Weinstein, 2015, "Approximating the best Nash Equilibrium in no(log n)-time breaks the Exponential Time Hypothesis", SODA 2015
  • Young Kun Ko and Mark Braverman, , "Information Value of the Game", Innovations in Theoretical Computer Science
  • Young Kun Ko and Mark Braverman, , "Semi-Direct Sum Theorem and Nearest Neighbor under l8", APPROX-RANDOM
  • Young Kun Ko and Omri Weinstein, , "An Adaptive Step Toward the Multiphase Conjecture"

Research Projects

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