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Shagufta Mehnaz

Assistant Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering

W308 Westgate Building





  • Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, 2013
  • Masters of Computer Science, Computer Science, Purdue University, 2016
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, Purdue University, 2020


Journal Articles

  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2021, "A Fine-Grained Approach for Anomaly Detection in File System Accesses With Enhanced Temporal User Profiles", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON DEPENDABLE AND SECURE COMPUTING, 18, (6), pp. 2535-2550
  • Syed Rafiul Hussain, Shagufta Mehnaz, Shahriar Nirjon and Elisa Bertino, 2018, "Secure Seamless Bluetooth Low Energy Connection Migration for Unmodified IoT Devices", IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING, 17, (4), pp. 927-944

Conference Proceedings

  • Sayanton V Dibbo, Dae Lim Chung and Shagufta Mehnaz, 2023, "Model Inversion Attack with Least Information and an In-depth Analysis of its Disparate Vulnerability", First IEEE Conference on Secure and Trustworthy Machine Learning
  • Shagufta Mehnaz, 2023, "Towards Sentence Level Inference Attack Against Pre-trained Language Models", 23rd Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS 2023)
  • Shagufta Mehnaz, Sayanton V Dibbo, Ehasnul Kabir, Ninghui Li and Elisa Bertino, 2022, "Are Your Sensitive Attributes Private? Novel Model Inversion Attribute Inference Attacks on Classification Models", USENIX Security 2022
  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2020, "Privacy-preserving Real-time Anomaly Detection Using Edge Computing", 2020 IEEE 36TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DATA ENGINEERING (ICDE 2020), pp. 469-480
  • Syed Rafiul Hussain, Omar Chowdhury, Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2018, "LTEInspector: A Systematic Approach for Adversarial Testing of 4G LTE", 25TH ANNUAL NETWORK AND DISTRIBUTED SYSTEM SECURITY SYMPOSIUM (NDSS 2018)
  • Shagufta Mehnaz, Anand Mudgerikar and Elisa Bertino, 2018, "RWGuard: A Real-Time Detection System Against Cryptographic Ransomware", RESEARCH IN ATTACKS, INTRUSIONS, AND DEFENSES, RAID 2018, 11050, pp. 114-136
  • Shagufta Mehnaz, Gowtham Bellala and Elisa Bertino, 2017, "A Secure Sum Protocol and Its Application to Privacy-preserving Multi-party Analytics", PROCEEDINGS OF THE 22ND ACM SYMPOSIUM ON ACCESS CONTROL MODELS AND TECHNOLOGIES (SACMAT'17), pp. 219-230
  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2017, "Ghostbuster: A Fine-grained Approach for Anomaly Detection in File System Accesses", PROCEEDINGS OF THE SEVENTH ACM CONFERENCE ON DATA AND APPLICATION SECURITY AND PRIVACY (CODASPY'17), pp. 3-14
  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2017, "Privacy-preserving Multi-party Analytics over Arbitrarily Partitioned Data", 2017 IEEE 10TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON CLOUD COMPUTING (CLOUD), pp. 342-349
  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Elisa Bertino, 2016, "Building Robust Temporal User Profiles for Anomaly Detection in File System Accesses", 2016 14TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE ON PRIVACY, SECURITY AND TRUST (PST)
  • Shagufta Mehnaz and Md. Sohel Rahman, 2013, "Pairwise Compatibility Graphs Revisited", 2013 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON INFORMATICS, ELECTRONICS & VISION (ICIEV)

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