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Lei Kang

Assistant Research Professor


  • Electrical Engineering

301 Electrical Engineering East


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Journal Articles

  • yusheng Bian, Lei Kang and Qiang Ren, 2017, "Efficient Cross-talk Reduction of Nanophotonic Circuits Enabled by Fabrication Friendly Periodic Silicon Strip Arrays", Scientific reports, 7
  • Lei Kang, Sean P Rodrigues and Mohammad Taghinejad, 2017, "Preserving Spin States upon Reflection: Linear and Nonlinear Responses of a Chiral Meta-Mirror", Nano Letters, 17
  • qiang Ren, yusheng bian and Lei Kang, 2017, "Leap-Frog Continuous–Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain Method for Nanoarchitectures With the Drude Model", JOURNAL OF LIGHTWAVE TECHNOLOGY, 35
  • zhihao jiang, Lei Kang and Douglas Werner, 2017, "Conformal metasurface-coated dielectric waveguides for highly confined broadband optical activity with simultaneous low-visibility and reduced crosstalk", Nature communications, 8
  • shengxiang wang, Lei Kang and Douglas Werner, 2017, "Hybrid Resonators and Highly Tunable Terahertz Metamaterials Enabled by Vanadium Dioxide (VO2)", Scientific Reports, 7
  • Qiang Ren, Jogender Nagar and Lei Kang, 2017, "Efficient Wideband Numerical Simulations for Nanostructures Employing a Drude-Critical Points (DCP) Dispersive Model", Scientific Reports, 7
  • lei kang, Qiang Ren and douglas werner, 2017, "Leveraging Superchiral Light for Manipulation of Optical Chirality in the Near-Field of Plasmonic Metamaterials", ACS Photonics, 4, pp. 8
  • Sarah J Boehm, Lei Kang, Douglas Werner and Christine D Keating, 2016, "Field-Switchable Broadband Polarizer Based on Reconfigurable Nanowire Assemblies", Advanced functional materials, 27, pp. 8
  • liu liu, Lei Kang, Theresa S Mayer and Douglas Werner, 2016, "Hybrid metamaterials for electrically triggered multifunctional control", NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 7, pp. 8

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