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Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  • Lei Kang, Yuhao Wu, Sawyer Campbell, Douglas Werner, Xuezhi Ma and Shoufeng Lan, 2022, "Generating High-Harmonic Optical Vortex Beams from Photonic Bound States in the Continuum", pp. 960--961
  • Yuhao Wu, Lei Kang, Sawyer Campbell, Pingjuan L Werner and Douglas Werner, 2022, "Light-switchable quasi-BIC optical vortex generators", 12196, pp. 52--57
  • Lei Kang, Huaguang Bao, Yuhao Wu, Sawyer Campbell and Douglas Werner, 2022, "Second-harmonic Generation from Asymmetric Lithium Niobate Metasurfaces", pp. 958--959

Research Projects

  • June 2023 - June 2023, "SHAPING LIGHT USING 2D POLAR METAL METASURFACES," (Sponsor: NSF).

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