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David Koslicki

Associate Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Eberly College of Science
  • Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

W354 Westgate


Research Areas:

Computational Science; Data Science and Artificial Intelligence; Theoretical Computer Science




  • BS, Mathematics, Washington State University, 2006
  • Ph D, Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University, 2012


Journal Articles

  • Nathan LaPierre, Mahammed Alser, Eleazar Eskin, David Koslicki and Serghei Mangul, 2020, "Metalign: efficient alignment-based metagenomic profiling via containment min hash", Genome Biology, 21, (242), pp. 15
  • Fernando Meyer, Andreas Bremges, Peter Belmann, Stefan Janssen, Alice C McHardy and David Koslicki, 2019, "Assessing taxonomic metagenome profilers with OPAL", Genome biology, 20, (1), pp. 51
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  • Jason McClelland and David Koslicki, 2018, "EMDUniFrac: exact linear time computation of the unifrac metric and identification of differentially abundant organisms", Journal of mathematical biology, 77, (4), pp. 935--949
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  • David Koslicki, 2018, "The Biomedical Data Translator Program: Conception, Culture, and Community", Clinical and Translational Science, (, pp. 1--4
  • David Koslicki, 2018, "Toward a universal biomedical data translator", Clinical and Translational Science, (, pp. 1--5
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  • David Koslicki, Manfred H Denker and others, 2016, "Substitution Markov chains and Martin boundaries", Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics, 46, (6), pp. 1963--1985
  • David Koslicki, Saikat Chatterjee, Damon Shahrivar, Alan Walker, Suzanna C Francis, Louise J Fraser, Vehkaper\"a, Mikko, Yueheng Lan and Jukka Corander, 2015, "ARK: Aggregation of Reads by k-Means for estimation of bacterial community composition", PloS one, 10, (10), pp. e0140644
  • David Koslicki and Daniel James Thompson, 2015, "Coding sequence density estimation via topological pressure", Journal of mathematical biology, 70, (1-2), pp. 45--69
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  • Simon Foucart and David Koslicki, 2014, "Sparse recovery by means of nonnegative least squares", IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 21, (4), pp. 498--502
  • David Koslicki, Simon Foucart and Gail Rosen, 2014, "WGSQuikr: fast whole-genome shotgun metagenomic classification", PloS one, 9, (3), pp. e91784
  • David Koslicki, Simon Foucart and Gail Rosen, 2013, "Quikr: a method for rapid reconstruction of bacterial communities via compressive sensing", Bioinformatics, 29, (17), pp. 2096--2102
  • David Koslicki, 2011, "Topological entropy of DNA sequences", Bioinformatics, 27, (8), pp. 1061--1067
  • Caitlin Loeffler, Aaron Karlsberg, Lana S Martin, Eleazar Eskin, David Koslicki and Serghei Mangul, , "Improving the usability and comprehensiveness of microbial databases", BMC Biology, 18, (37)

Conference Proceedings

  • Soha Hassoun, Yasser El-Manzalawy, Georg Gerber, David Koslicki and Gail Rosen, 2019, "Workshop on Microbiomics, Metagenomics, and Metabolomics", pp. 618--618
  • Serghei Mangul and David Koslicki, 2016, "Reference-free comparison of microbial communities via de Bruijn graphs", (, pp. 68--77



Research Projects

Honors and Awards

  • College of Science Impact Award, Oregon State University, October 2018


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