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Mohamed Almekkawy

Assistant Research Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering

W105 Westgate Building


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Research Areas:

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Signal and image processing, Medical Imaging, optimization, numerical modeling, High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)




  • MS, Electrical Engineering, Cairo University, 2006
  • MS, Electrical Engineering, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), 2010
  • Ph D, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota (Minneapolis), 2014


Journal Articles

  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2015, "Anatomical-based model for simulation of HIFU-induced lesions in atherosclerotic plaques", International Journal of Hyperthermia, 31, (4)
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, Yasaman Adibi, Fei Zheng, Mohan Chirala and Emad S. Ebbini, 2014, "Two-dimensional speckle tracking using zero phase crossing with Riesz transform", The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 136, (4), pp. 2280-2280
  • A. Singal, A. Hamel, M. Larson, H. Kelner, Mohamed K. Almekkawy, Mohamed K. Almekkawy and P. Eckman, 2014, "Peripheral Pulse Wave Analysis Technique to Detect Aortic Valve State in Continuous-flow LVADs", The Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 33, (4), pp. S75
  • Ashish Singal, Mitsuhiro Oura, Mohamed K. Almekkawy, Aimee Hamel, Matt Larson and Peter Eckman, 2013, "Device Optimization Using Pulse Wave Analysis Techniques", Journal of Medical Devices, 7, (2), pp. 020903

Conference Proceedings

  • A. Carevic, X. Yun, G. Lee, I. Slapnicar, Jesse L Barlow and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2018, "Reconstruction of ultrasound tomography for cancer detection using total least squares and conjugate gradient method"
  • J. Cunningham, T. Subramanian and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Adaptive l 0-norm Sparse Third Order Volterra Filter for Transcranial Ultrasound Image Enhancement: In-Vivo Results"
  • P. Kale, T. Gilmour, V. Acharya, J. Acharya, T. Subramanian and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Prediction of Multifocal Epileptogenic Zones using Normalized Transfer Entropy"
  • A. Lee, Mohamed K. Almekkawy, P. Kale, T. Gilmour, T. Subramanian, M. Sather, V. Acharya and J. Acharya, 2017, "Can normalized transfer entropy be used as an informational transfer measure of ictal pathophysiology in patients undergoing stereo-EEG for epilepsy surgery", American Epilepsy Society
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, Daniel McMahon, Hanan Alqarni and Jiayu He, 2017, "Optimization of Transcostal Phased-array Refocusing Using Sparse Semidefinite Relaxation Method", IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, James Cunningham, Yi Song, Hadeel Albahar and Thyagarajan Subramanian, 2017, "In-vivo transcranial ultrasound imaging of induced Substantia Nigra hyperechogenicity using adaptive sparse Third Order Volterra Filter", IEEE
  • James Cunningham, Justice Lee, Thyagarajan Subramanian and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Transcranial enhanced Ultrasound Imaging of induced substantia nigra in brain using adaptive Third Order Volterra Filter: In-vivo results", IEEE
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy and Emad Ebbini, 2017, "Two-dimensional speckle tracking using parabolic polynomial expansion with Riesz transform", IEEE
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, I. A. Shehata, A. Haritonova, J. Ballard, A. Casper and E. Ebbini, 2017, "Image-based numerical modeling of HIFU-induced lesions", 1816, (1)
  • J. Cunningham, Y. Zheng, T. Subramanian and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Regularization Methods for Solving Third-Order Volterra Filter with Improved Convergence Speed: In-Vivo Application"
  • A. Carevic, X. Yun, G. Lee, I. Slapnicar, Jesse L Barlow and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Solving the ultrasound inverse scattering problem of inhomogeneous media using different approaches of total least squares algorithms"
  • Admir Horta, Eric Gernux, Matt Couceiro, Dieter Haemmerich and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2016, "Body temperature control circuit", IEEE
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, Jingwei Xu and Mohan Chirala, 2014, "An optimized ultrasound digital beamformer with dynamic focusing implemented on FPGA", IEEE
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, J. R. Ballard, D. Liu, A. J. Casper, Y. Wan and E. Ebbini, 2012, "Multiple-frequency phased array patterns for therapeutic ultrasound", 1481, (1), pp. 9-13
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, A. Casper, J. Ballard and E. Ebbini, 2012, "Nonlinear modeling of pulsed and CW HIFU beams for dual-mode ultrasound arrays", 1481, (1), pp. 3-8
  • J. R. Ballard, D. Liu, Mohamed K. Almekkawy, E. S. Ebbini, A. Casper and A. Haritonova, 2011, "Multiple-frequency phased array pattern synthesis for HIFU surgery"
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, A. M. Mahmoud, A. Zavochikove and A. E. Salama, 2005, "Reliable design of the CAN bit synchronization block"


  • D. McMahon and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Optimization of Transcostal Phased-array Refocusing Using Iterative Sparse Semidefinite Relaxation Method"
  • A. Lee, Mohamed K. Almekkawy, P. Kale, T. Gilmour, T. Subramanian, M. Sather, V. Acharya and J. Acharya, 2017, "Can Normalized Transfer Entropy Be Used as an Informational Transfer Measure of Ictal Pathophysiology in Patients Undergoing Stereo-EEG for Epilepsy Surgery?"
  • Jesse L Barlow, A. Carevic, X. Yun and Mohamed K. Almekkawy, 2017, "Adaptive Truncated Total Least Squares for an Inverse Scattering Problem from Ultrasound Tomography"
  • Mohamed K. Almekkawy, I. Shehata, A. Casper, J. Ballard, M. Troutman and E. Ebbini, 2012, "Modeling Thermal Lesion Formation in Atheromatous Plaque Tissue using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU): comparison within vivo results"

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  • Paper highlights on the cover of the International Journal of Hyperthermia., International Journal of Hyperthermia., 2015


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