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Junichiro Fukuyama

Assistant Teaching Professor


  • School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Computer Science and Engineering

W109G Westgate Building





  • Ph D, Computer Science and Engineering, Penn State University, 2001


Journal Articles

  • Junichiro Fukuyama, , "NP-completeness of The Planar Separator Problems", Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications, 10, (2), pp. 317-328
  • Junichiro Fukuyama and Piotr Berman, , "An Online Algorithm for the Postman Problem with a Small Penalty", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2129, pp. 48-54
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  • Junichiro Fukuyama and Piotr Berman, , "Variable Length Sequencing with Two Lengths", Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1913, pp. 51-59
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  • Junichiro Fukuyama, , "On the Extension of an m-set Family", Congressus Numerantium, 173, pp. 33-41

Conference Proceedings

  • Junichiro Fukuyama, Bernhard Firner, Richard Howard, Richard Martin, Yanyong Zhang and Chenren Xu, 2017, "Transmit Only: An Ultra Low Overhead MAC Protocol for Dense Wireless Systems", pp. 8


  • Junichiro Fukuyama, 2022, "The Sunflower Conjecture Proven", arXiv, 2212, (13509), pp. 10
  • Junichiro Fukuyama, 2018, "Improved Bound on Sets Including No Sunflower with Three Petals", arXiv, 1089, (10318)
  • Junichiro Fukuyama, 2016, "Partial-Match Queries with Random Wildcards: In Tries and Distributed Hash Tables", (1601.04213), pp. 15
  • Junichiro Fukuyama and Piotr Berman, 2016, "Distributed Selection in O(log n) Time with O(n log log n) Messages", (1511.00715), pp. 15
  • Junichiro Fukuyama, 2014, "Asymptotic Improvement of the Sunflower Bound", (1408.3671), pp. 13
  • Junichiro Fukuyama, 2013, "An Alternative Proof of the Exponential Monotone Complexity of the Clique Function", (1307.4308), pp. 34

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