Girls Solving Societal Problems with Computer Science

Last summer, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering successfully hosted it's first inaugural summer camp: Girls Solving Societal Problems Through Computer Science.

It was tailored for girls interested in learning more about computer science, speaking to female computer scientists, and learning more about careers in the field. The five day camp gave children an opportunity to learn more about one of the highest-growing, highest-paying career fields today.

Photos of the camp can be found on Flickr: And don't forget to read the Centre Daily Times article featuring this year's camp.

Here is the 2017 itinerary
, so you can see everything our students did this year.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Dr. Vijay Narayanan -- ran all of the hands-on sessions each morning, "How Machines Compute" talk
Dr. Sofya Raskhodnikova -- all the fun with math sessions each afternoon, moderated panel with women in CS
Dr. Tom La Porta -- Director's welcome, "Cyber Security" talk and "Internet of Things" talk
Dr. John Sampson -- helped with the hands-on sessions and more

Graduate student volunteers:
Roksana Baleshzar
Jinhang Choi
Noor Felemban
Jashwant Gunasekaran
Hana Khamfroush
Xueqing Li
Tulika Parija
Ashutosh Pattnaik
Srivatsa Srinivasa
Diman Zad Tootaghaj
Saambhavi Vajjiravelu Baskaran
Nithin Varma
Peter Zientara

Our panelists:
Sandy Thuel - Bell Labs
Swati Rallapalli - IBM TJ Watson
Yan Sun - Cisco
Brigid Smith - Amazon
Nicole Immorlica - MSR Research, Cambridge



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