Computer Science and Engineering 2016-17 Colloquia

CSE colloquia will be from 2-3 p.m. on Fridays in the Cybertorium in the IST Building. Please contact the 2016-2107 CSE colloquium chair, Dr. Sofya Raskhodnikova, if you would like to schedule a research meeting with a speaker. Please scroll down to see entire list.

Spring Semester

Speaker: Earlence Fernandes, Ph.D. candidate, University of Michicgan
Faculty Host: Patrick McDaniel
*** 10 a.m., in 222 IST Building

Speaker: Jian Huang, Ph.D. candidate,  Georgia Institute of Technology
Faculty Host: Trent Jaeger and Anand Sivasubramanium
*** 10 a.m. in 222 IST Building

Speaker: Joshua San Miguel, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toronto
Faculty Host: Jack Sampson
*** 10 a.m. in 222 IST Building

Speaker: Tianyin Xu, Ph.D. Candidate, University of California, San Diego
Faculty Host: Bhuvan Urgaonkar
*** 10 a.m. in 222 IST Building

Past Speakers

Distinguished Speaker: Luis Von Ahn, Carnegie Mellon University
Faculty Host: Sofya Raskhodnikova
Title: "Duolingo: Optimizing Education through Massive Amounts of Data"

Speaker: Vladimir Braverman, Johns Hopkins University
Host: Sofya Raskhodnikova
Abstract: Streaming and sketching algorithms have found applications in machine learning, astronomy, medicine, networking, natural language processing and other disciplines. The practicality of streaming and sketching algorithms stems from (1) simplicity and generality of the streaming model and (2) the ability to provide results in real time (e.g., in network monitoring) and represent Big Data with small “sketches” (e.g., in astronomy, statistics).

Speaker: Roger Levy, professor, MITCSE
Host: Becky Passonneau



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