Faculty Mentoring

The committee will seek volunteers from Full Professors and Associate Professors who excel in all aspects of academe, viz., teaching, advising, research, service (internal as well as external), and acquiring funding, and who are willing and able to invest the time and effort to support faculty growth.

The committee will pair each new tenure-track faculty member with an appropriate mentor (a mentor could also be from another department if one such is appropriate and willing). The mentor should be available to provide detailed feedback on papers, proposals, professional activities, and time management. It is also suggested that the mentor provide copies of previous successful and unsuccessful proposals for information.

The school will create and disseminate clear and written expectations for the mentor and protégés, which are merely suggestions and not meant to be prescriptive or used for P&T evaluations.

The mentor and the protégé will meet as needed (a few times each semester), with a minimum of at least once a semester.

The school will create and maintain an internal website (controlled access) of useful resources, such as successful CAREER and other proposals, references, good practices, etc. for the mentor and protégé to discuss.

A dinner will be organized for all mentors and protégés together with the School Director and the two Department Heads once a year (or once a semester) to evaluate how the program is shaping up.

Participation in the mentoring program is not compulsory by any faculty.



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