Girls Coding the Future with Robots

Girls Coding the Future with Robots

This 5-day camp introduces students to coding or programming through the use of robots--both virtual and physical. Coding involves solving problems by designing and developing computer code that when executed enables a computer to behave or respond in a desired way. A robot is essentially a computer whose behavior involves moving and interacting with the world around it. Participants in this camp will learn the fundamentals of computer programming and also learn about opportunities and careers in one of the highest paying and fastest growing fields today.


How can you program a robot so that it can solve problems and complete tasks?

What kinds of problems can robots solve? What kinds of tasks can they be given? How are they able to interact in the world around them? Each day of the camp participants will learn new programming concepts and apply them to help robots achieve simple tasks such as navigating around a virtual room to reach a goal. Programming robots provides the opportunity to visualize the working of computer code and the difficulty of automating tasks that we take for granted (such as finding our way out of a simple maze). When a robot is given the wrong code it will do the wrong thing. Programming robots to handle a variety of scenarios so that they always do the right thing is challenging. And with programming and robots becoming more commonplace in all aspects of our lives, learning about both is essential.

WHO: Open to anyone entering 7th to 9th grades
WHEN: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m, July 16 – 20
WHERE: Westgate Building
COST: $200

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