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A message from the director 

I, our department heads Chita Das, head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and Kultegin Aydin, head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and all faculty and staff would like to congratulate each of you on the accomplishment of your graduation. All of our majors are extremely challenging, but also all lead to highly rewarding careers. I am sure most, if not all, of you have had to overcome many obstacles to reach this point. It is a credit to you and the people who supported you that you have persevered and successfully earned your degrees. Now you can reap the benefits, and start your careers inventing and enabling future engineering and scientific advancements to improve our world. Your careers will take many paths — follow your passions and you will not only find success, but also hopefully fulfillment.

I know this is a challenging time. It is unfortunate that what should be a time of great happiness for you is tinged with worry, sorrow, and uncertainty. I, and all of our faculty and staff, empathize with you. You have lost the chance to celebrate your time at Penn State in person with your classmates, friends, and teachers, to get closure on your time here, and — at least for now — to walk across the stage with your friends and family to celebrate together. However, the sacrifices you are making now will enable you to achieve many more milestones in the future, and to celebrate these milestones with those around you. And, you will have many more milestones because of what you have accomplished here. Be patient, take advantage of virtual ways to acknowledge your achievements, and when the current crisis passes, you will be invited back to celebrate your graduation! I hope the day comes soon, but even more, I hope you all have long, happy lives and make good use of what you have learned and earned here at Penn State.

Tom La Porta
Director of the School of EECS
Evan Pugh Professor
William E. Leonhard Endowed Chair

Student marshal 2020
Student marshal 2020
Student marshal 2020
Student marshal 2020


The School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science was created in the spring of 2015 to allow greater access to courses offered by both departments for undergraduate and graduate students in exciting collaborative research fields.

We offer B.S. degrees in electrical engineering, computer science, computer engineering and data science and graduate degrees (master's degrees and Ph.D.'s) in electrical engineering and computer science and engineering. EECS focuses on the convergence of technologies and disciplines to meet today’s industrial demands.

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